This is the Closest Thing Manila has to a Night Market: Greenfield Weekend Market

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If you’ve been to Bangkok or Taipei, chances are you visited at least one of their famous night markets – namely, the Chatuchak and Shilin Night Markets respectively. And why wouldn’t you? They are a *wonderland* where you can get all the affordable yet authentic local street food your appetite can handle. Plus you can shop for clothing and accessories too. Sadly, Manila doesn’t have its own night market per se… or does it? Like me, you’ll probably be excited to know that Manila does have one – and it’s right in the heart of the metro.

Despite the name, Greenfield Weekend Market is – for all intents and purposes – a legitimate night market, located in the Greenfield District (near the Shaw/SM Megamall area.) Unlike the Salcedo Weekend Market in Makati which sells mostly organic produce and is open only on Saturdays in the morning until early afternoon, Greenfield is open during weekend evenings – specifically Fridays to Sundays from 5 PM until 12 MN. And as opposed to weekend food markets like Mercato, Greenfield Weekend Market also has some stalls that sell accessories, household decorations and other knick knacks. So if this isn’t a night market, I don’t know what is. 🙂

What’s more, Greenfield Weekend Market is celebrating its 5th Year Anniversary on April 6, 2019! Yes, this amazing night market has been around for five years already, and having only visited recently makes me feel like I totally missed out this whole time. FOMO IRL. So let’s cut to the chase. Like most people I went here for one MAIN reason: F O O D! Here are my TOP THREE picks, with more featured items and stalls further below.

#1 – Chicken Tenders with Chips at Fingers and Flavors

Who doesn’t love chicken wings, nuggets, fingers, or anything chicken for that matter? This doesn’t need further elaboration, but what does need to be mentioned is that at P150 (or P140 with rice instead) the Chicken Tenders with Chips at Fingers and Flavors is an amazing deal! Their portions are huge and the chicken tenders are filled with a lot of white meat and just the right amount of crispy breading. Lastly, their selection of FIVE different sauces (which they offer free tastings of) make their meals even more irresistible.

#2 – Mango Graham Shake at Mango Float Supreme Manila

Philippine mangoes. Boba pearls. Graham. ‘Nuff said. Not surprisingly, there was quite a long line at this stall and I eventually found out first-hand as to why: The mango floats at Mango Float Supreme Manila are what milky, creamy, fruity dreams are made of!

#3 – Carabao Ice Cream at The Blissful Story

Ranging from P180 to P220 for every 2 scoops, I admit that their ice cream is a bit pricey. However, having personally tried the Red Velvet (Cheesecake) and Strawberry Rose flavors, I can see why their prices are justified especially since they are homemade with carabao milk! If you love thick ice cream, you’ll love the Red Velvet Cheesecake. But if you want a little buzz in your dessert, try the intoxicating Strawberry Rose.

Other food picks:

We were already full and about to leave when we saw that one stall called Dada Jeck’s was serving UNLIMITED CHICKEN WINGS for only P199 per person! Now, that’s what I call an offer I can’t refuse so I’m surely trying this when I go back!

Shopping picks:

FYI: print outs of local celebrity faces were not for sale. I know this, because I asked.

I don’t blame you if your mouth is still watering until this point. So if you want to experience the Bangkok/Taipei night market vibe here in Manila, be sure to drop by with your friends and family next week on April 6, 2019 at Greenfield Weekend Market for their 5th Year Anniversary as well as the weekends after that.

Greenfield Weekend Market is located at Greenfield District near Shaw, Mandaluyong and is open on Fridays to Sundays from 5 PM until 12 MN. Check out theirFacebook page for the latest updates!

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