T-shirt from Wufenpu, Taipei


One of my favorite shopping spots is Wufenpu in Taipei. It’s a 5-minute walk from the Houshanpi MRT Station so it’s very convenient. As a garments wholesale area as well as a place where up and coming designers can showcase and directly sell their pieces, it’s a paradise for any girl who loves dressing up. For guys on the other hand, it can be challenging since the number of shops dedicated to menswear are outnumbered by their counterpart 1:10. Resellers with wheeled luggage come here to buy in bulk (some shops sell in bulk only) and you should watch out for the scooters that navigate the narrow, labyrinthine alleyways.
Luckily, the first time I went there in 2011 I was quite satisfied with the number of milk tea and snack food corners in both the indoor and outdoor areas, as well as with my purchase of course. If a shop has special items on sale, they place it at their doorstep and put up a sign. I was able to buy this T-shirt with a nice print albeit having crazy Engrish words on the back (the shirt says made in Korea). For NTD 100 (USD 2.50), I’m not complaining at all!
AL APPLE STRIDEL (“An apple strudel” perhaps?… “Bakery”… “Continental”… repeat gibberish infinitely)



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