Serendipity at Metropark Hotel, Macau 4****

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My hotel and its 4-star goodness. Comes with a fitness center and swimming pool!
I recently got back from my second time in Macau, and this was really the only time I got to fully explore the city. The first time I went there was just for a side trip from HK. This time around it was completely the other way around. I flew in and out of Macau and had an overnight stay in HK. 
This trip is also one of the most memorable ones I’ve had because of a first: booking hotels room at literally the last minute. I booked a 4-star hotel for the last night a few days in advance and booked the same hotel for the night before that on the day itself (confusing, I know) but unfortunately I got a higher rate (same as the hotel rack rate) for the same day booking. Ouch.
But it was totally worth it. I remembered why I haven’t been back to Macau since the first time. It’s because there are no hostels in Macau, just hotels and it would be a waste to have a hotel room all to myself. So this time around, sharing a room with my best friend made it totally worth it (even more value for money if there were more of us). Naturally while searching online I gravitated toward the cheapest hotels, but for some reason 2 and 3-star hotels were charging the same if not a higher price than the price of this 4-star hotel. How irrational right? And that’s how I ended up here at Metropark Hotel Macau, part of a huge chain hotel that’s all across China. I can’t help but think it was really meant to be as I LOVED my stay here and I would stay here again if I’m still on a budget the next time I’m in Macau (For just USD 30 more per night I could have stayed at Sheraton and I really wanna try Banyan Tree too, lol).
Did I mention I got upgraded to a Family Suite? I got really lucky. 🙂 I wish just they had included the breakfast in the room rate though, I mean it’s just MOP 50 (USD 7) for one. Despite having reservations about booking a more expensive hotel for my usual budget, I proceeded with placing the reservations. (See what I did there?) Sometimes, you just need to live it up a little and enjoy it (especially when you don’t have much of a choice but to do). 🙂
The huge comfortable bed. Sadly, I was not as comfortable with the view in this room
The living are for when you have company over 😉
You can see the distant Sands hotel somehow. The master control system near the phone can play classy hotel lounge/elevator music. Imagine coming home to that! I loved it 🙂
Bottled water I took for FREE from different casinos in Macau, because I’m resourceful like that
One of the things that pleased me upon arriving in the room. A stuffed animal and a fresh flower. They even left ANOTHER one on the second night, a white one! Thank you housekeeping, you’re the sweetest 🙂
Displaying the sleek new luggage I bought at a great price from HK, which was the highlight of my trip there
The bathroom with complete amenities and a really low bathtub for some reason
View from their indoor pool
The view from the revolving restaurant on the top floor, 41st if I’m correct
How all nights views should be. This made me want to live in a penthouse.

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