Pokemon Go! 11 Uncommon* Pokemon Spotted in Shibuya, Tokyo (With Photos!)

*Note: Depending on each player’s usual area or region, commonness or rarity of Pokemon may vary.

One of the best things about Pokemon Go is that it makes you fit by forcing you to get up and walk to catch creatures, battle them, collect items and hatch eggs – as opposed to the traditional Nintendo games where you can do it without moving from the comfort of your own bed or seat. For travelers who inherently love to explore tourist attractions and historical sites, playing this game is an added bonus because it lets you accomplish more out of your trip! Luckily, Shibuya where the world’s busiest intersection Shibuya Crossing is found has plenty of Poke Stops that always have Lure Modules activated! Dedicated trainers who are traveling in Japan might even see a Farfetch’d which is a Pokemon that’s region-exclusive!

Whether you’ve only just been introduced to Pokemon, or you’ve been playing it since you were 10 years old, everyone’s now familiar with Rattata, Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie, Zubat, Slowpoke, Psyduck and of course, Magikarp because of how commonly these Pokemon show up. These Pokemon are virtually everywhere! (Although, this doesn’t mean that they’re completely useless because having low candy costs for evolution lets you gain more experience quickly.)

But on lucky days, you may spot some Pokemon that are out of the ordinary. Here are the (relatively) uncommon to rare Pokemon that have been sighted around Shibuya which you need to be on the lookout for. Let’s start!

  1. Bulbasaur

This Bulbasaur was spotted near Shibuya Senta-gai (Center Street.)

Bulbasaur is one Pokemon everyone’s familiar with. In the first few Nintendo games, it’s the grass-type starter but for some reason it is the least chosen one, after Charmander and Squirtle. Nonetheless, it’s special since out of the three starters it is the only dual-type Pokemon with poison as its secondary type. In addition, it’s Pokemon #1 on the Pokedex.  Bulbasaur eventually evolves into the monstrous Venusaur and retains its grass/poison types.

  1. Squirtle

This Squirtle was spotted near Shibuya Senta-gai (Center Street.)

Speaking of starters, as mentioned above Squirtle is the second-most popular starter in the first generation games. It is a pure water type. Squirtle eventually evolves into the hefty Blastoise.

  1. Nidoran (♀)

This Nidoran (female) was spotted near Shibuya Senta-gai (Center Street.)
Nidoran (Female) along with its male counterpart is a pure poison-type that, like all starter Pokemon, evolve two more times before reaching its final form. The female Nidoran eventually evolves into the majestic Nidoqueen, a dual poison/ground type.

  1. Jigglypuff

This Jigglypuff was spotted at the Starbucks Coffee in Mark City (shopping mall.)
Possibly one of the cutest Pokemon around, the pink and round Jigglypuff is another uncommon Pokemon you can see in Shibuya. It used to be a pure normal type, but as of Generation 6 with the introduction of the fairy type, it has since then become a dual fairy/normal type. Jigglypuff evolves into the cuddly Wigglytuff and has a pre-evolution called Igglybuff introduced in Generation 2.

  1. Clefairy

This Clefairy was spotted at the train platform at Shibuya Station of the Tokyu Toyoko Line.
Another really cute pink Pokemon is Clefairy, but unlike Jigglypuff it is a pure fairy type. Legends say that this Pokemon originally came from the moon to the earth. Clefairy evolves into the even more adorable Clefable and like Jigglypuff, it also has a pre-evolution called Cleffa introduced in Generation 2.

  1. Ponyta

This Ponyta was spotted near the ticket gates at Shibuya Station of the Inokashira Line.
Like electric Pokemon, fire-types seem to be all considered rare in Pokemon Go, and Ponyta is no exception. This mild-mannered pony is a pet all affluent little girls dream of. Ponyta evolves into the dashing Rapidash.

  1. Kingler

This Kingler was spotted in the middle of Dogenzaka street.
As opposed to its pre-evolution Krabby, Kingler is distinguished by being less common and having one of its two pincers being significantly bigger than the other. It is a pure water-type Pokemon who used to have the signature attack Crabhammer exclusive to itself.

  1. Seadra

This Seadra was spotted near Shibuya Senta-gai (Center Street.)
Seadra is also an evolved pure water-type Pokemon from its original form Horsea. One tip trainers can bear in mind would be to hold off on evolving all their Horsea for experience, and save the candy to evolve their Seadra into a dual water/dragon-type Kingdra when the updates with Generation 2 Pokemon are finally released.

  1. Porygon

This Porygon was spotted near the Modi mall, Shibuya.
At number 3 on this list, you can be assured that the normal-type Porygon is definitely considered rare. Called the virtual Pokemon, Porygon is one of the few man-made Pokemon. In the Nintendo games, it holds the distinction of being the Pokemon that needs to be traded a total of two times to be evolved into Porygon 2 and ultimately its final form Porygon-Z.

  1. Dratini

This Dratini was spotted near Shibuya Senta-gai (Center Street.)
In the First Generation, Dratini is considered the first dragon-type Pokemon based on the order of the Pokedex, and a pure one at that. It has a serpentine form and is usually found near bodies of water (which also applies to Pokemon Go,) which makes its sighting in Shibuya quite rare.

  1. Dragonair

This Dragonair was spotted at Shibuya Crossing.

Finally, the rarest Pokemon sighted in Shibuya would be the dignified Dragonair (not the airline.) As you may have guessed, it is the evolved form of Dratini and is also a pure dragon-type. It evolves into the legendary Dragonite, a dual dragon/flying type which is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and the Nintendo games. It’s just anti-climatic because Dragonite basically looks like a yellow Barney (the friendly dinosaur.)

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