Plaza Premium Lounge at Siem Reap Airport: A Surprising Spa-like Oasis!


I have had the pleasure of experiencing several lounges of the Plaza Premium network, courtesy of my Citi PremierMiles card that previously allowed for unlimited access until Jan 2018. Luckily, some Plaza Premium lounges are still available to use under a rival program Priority Pass which I have unlimited access of thanks to my other Citi card, the Citi Prestige card.


The most memorable Plaza Premium Lounge I’ve been to in the past would have to be when I flew with Oman Air and transited in Muscat Airport. I remember it being incredibly spacious and having a wide selection of meals and bottled drinks. Little did I know that in Jan 2018 I would discover yet another Plaza Premium lounge that would eventually become my favorite: the one at Siem Reap Airport.

Plaza Premium is one of the two lounges at Siem Reap airport, with the other one being Bangkok Airways’ lounge across of it.

Upon entering, you are met with a standard reception area. After verifying your documents, you proceed toward the left where your eyes will surely be in for a treat! The high ceilings, ambient lighting and traditional decor make it reminiscent of a luxurious spa!

Similar to other Plaza lounges, such as the one in Taipei, they have these individual pods complete with a reading light and electrical socket for those who value their privacy. I love how they form a honeycomb from a top-down perspective.

The lounge also has a bar-type setting for those who are working together on their respective laptops.

The bar offers a good selection of beverages.

The literal lounge area is also noteworthy. The blue and gray color scheme elicits a formal yet relaxing vibe.

There are several light snacks that can be enjoyed with sweet chili sauce, since you are in Southeast Asia after all.



Similar to other Plaza lounges, they also have a pasta station. The creamy white sauce paired perfectly with the tangy parmesan cheese.

What separates some lounges from others is the availability of shower facilities, and they have one. When the previous guest was finished, the attendant promptly advised me that the shower was ready for use.

As I stepped into the shower, I was pleasantly surprised after seeing the shower gel and shampoo were in individual bottles. This is the first time I’ve come across this, since all other lounges I’ve tried only had dispensers that they refill the contents with.

After showering, I make my way back to the bar and noticed these quirky paper coasters.

On one side of the walls, there are prints of photos taken at the temples of the Angkor complex.

Finally, it was almost time to board. There was little to no chance of the gate closing on me since 1) I could easily see the bright yellow Cebu Pacific logo on the screen and 2) Siem Reap airport is a tiny but really functional airport.

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