My Magnum Cafe Experience

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How did I come into contact with such ethereal ambrosia? Join me on my quest.
Today I went to SM Aura again, the latest premier mall in town. I made a beeline upwards to the Magnum Cafe because that was my intended destination, especially since this year’s summer heat is infernally unbearable. As I was seated, more and more people started flooding in. A good sign. And not bad for a Tuesday lunch hour. These three ladies in the foreground have been dining for a while before I arrived. The food must be so good that the middle one is even making jazz hands. The ambiance is notably classy too.



I instantly felt honored to have this establishment in my country after seeing it previously in Europe and North and South America as well. A lovely quote on the right.


They don’t just serve ice cream and desserts here; they serve delectable entrees and sandwiches as well! Pasta on a stick, anyone? Their dessert menu on the other hand has fondues and Magnum with cakes and pastries. Definitely worth going back to.


I was craving for something specific and one dish caught my eye: the spiced chicken with cajun sauce. The couple beside me ordered the same thing. What can I say? I’m a trendsetter. Add a side of fresh (not powdered) mashed potatoes because you can’t forget your carbs. The servings were disappointingly scarce for the price they charge.


And now, for the moment everyone here has been waiting for: dessert. Guests have the option of availing the Make My Magnum bar for only PHP 100 (USD 2.5), a fantastic deal if you ask me, or the items on the dessert menu. Most people choose customization (which happens to be the cheaper option). I look over and a line is beginning to form.


So I fall in line and join the rest of the other social media enthusiasts.
Step 1: Pick a Magnum ice cream (chocolate or vanilla). I opt for the latter because most of the sauces and toppings were chocolate-based and that would be overkill.


Step 2: Pick a sauce. The ‘barista’ dips it in your choice of sauce of gold (caramel), milk or dark chocolate and raises it in the air. There’s gotta be a science behind that.


Step 3: Add three toppings. I chose gold (chocolate) nuggets, chocolate crisp balls and yogurt nibs. I barely tasted the sour dried yogurt but I’m sure it contributed to the overall flavor of my treat. She shakes them all in a cup for evenness before spreading them on your bar.
Step 4: Add your drizzle. I chose both gold and dark sauces because why not?


Finally: Perfection on a stick with their signature “M” chocolate chip. 🙂
(I’m rhyming uncontrollably again). :))


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