Moving to Tokyo (Part Two)

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GODZILLA in Shinjuku! 

Just last month, I was assigned an article about Tokyo’s Michelin scene by Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Magazine (should be out this month), as the city that has had the most starred restaurants in the entire world since the last few years.

Katsuya, a katsu fast food chain. Not a Michelin star restaurant, but you can never go wrong with food in Japan. EVER.
Weeks later, I now have a better chance of trying them. Perfect timing because I was about to evaporate if I suffered through another day of the tropical heatwave. Anyway, I landed a job that pays more than what I used to make in Hokkaido, so quitting that job clearly wasn’t a loss and is evidently one of the best decisions I’ve ever had to make.
Just shipping this giant robot off to somewhere. No big deal. This is Japan after all.

Tokyo is the world’s safest city, but it offers a lot more than that. For one, the climate is PERFECT – it’s generally cool most of the day everyday. I also find the city most dynamic and exciting; I can keep up with it the same way it can keep up with me. Now that I’ll be based here, having to go back home is a lot more convenient than it used to be. I realized that living in a city that has a major international airport (in this case two – even better!) is crucial. More importantly, I arrived still in time for the sakura season, finally accomplishing my goal of experiencing all four seasons. And after a seemingly endless amount of time searching and some unexpected challenges and delays, I have finally signed my first rental contract and moved in, which I guess makes me officially an adult!
Too sexy for pants: Kanda Matsuri 2015 near Akihabara, Tokyo
Sanja Matsuri 2015 at Asakusa, Tokyo
Tokyo has always been the dream. And now, I finally have the chance to live it. 🙂

The Tokyo Skytree. I only realized it looks like a baby bottle four years after seeing it for the first time.

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