Moving to Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

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By some twist of fate, I ended up being based where it’s a winter wonderland half the year, for at least a year. 

Well, it wasn’t really as serendipitous since I’ve always wanted to experience working and living abroad. I’ve constantly applied to overseas jobs so much that I end up not having any expectations of being contacted or even noticed. So when I immediately received a response from a ski travel company the day after my online application, I was completely caught off-guard. Things moved on very quickly from that point; one thing led to another, and now here I am.

As someone who grew up in Southeast Asia which has mostly, if not an entirely tropical climate, I’ve always wanted to experience snowfall. Not just snow (I’ve seen it lying on the ground in Korea and other parts of Japan), but actual snow falling from the skies. It’s like rainfall, except water isn’t in its liquid state. (You get the point.) My wish came true because now, I’m residing in what’s known to have the second highest amount of snowfall in the world. Imagine that.

Since I was leaving just a few days after my birthday, I wrote a dramatic heartfelt post on my Facebook page, basically thanking everyone and making the announcement that I won’t be around for a while. For reference, here it was:

A big thank you to everyone, and not just for your birthday greetings! Will miss you guys!
They say if you’re not happy where you are, move. You are not a tree. Well, I am not a tree. And though I can’t say I’m not happy where I am, I could definitely be happier someplace else where I am free from the traffic, pollution, corruption, inefficiency and overall stressful environment brought about by an incompetent and frustrating government. Luckily, I am soon off to greener pastures that happen to be covered in the finest powder snow. I am moving to Hokkaido, Japan in a few days to take on the role of Sales and Marketing Manager in an Australian ski travel company for at least a year. (And I happen to love skiing!)
It’s almost as if everything I’ve done for the past two years was to prepare me for this opportunity. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who has believed in me by supporting my endeavors, my travel writing, adventures, rants and shenanigans. (From writing for one magazine in 2013, I’ve now written for five titles this year! It’s going to be difficult to outdo myself )
If I could share some advice, it would be this: “Never settle. Believe in what you’re capable of and you will get what you deserve.” And if someone can’t support you, don’t let them get in your way. Hopefully someday, you can also give yourself what you’ll regard as the best birthday present ever, like I have.
Ending this post with a really inspiring article I can totally relate to of what we should aspire for.…/10-things-that-the-people-w…/598934/

While it was still autumn in Sapporo (where the main airport is), winter came very early in this part of Japan. The day I arrived in Niseko, there was a blizzard with strong winds. The next few days I experienced howling winds outside my apartment window. But I’ve learn to love it for what it is. Sure, the cold can be unbearable, piercing or sometimes even paralyzing, but winter is only harsh to those who can’t appreciate its beauty.

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