Korean Jjimjilbang in Manila: Lasema Spa

The common area in front of the dry saunas. There is a shop selling hot meals to the right. Korean ice cream is sold outside at the reception

The Korean jjimjilbang, similar to the Japanese sento or onsen hot springs and also found in Taiwan (known as wenquan), is one thing I look forward to whenever I visit any of those countries. I’d like to think that I’m a fountain of youth but sadly, my body through its occasional aches and soreness on my shoulders (for now) begs to differ and reminds me that I am not.

Luckily, whenever I want to unwind back home and enjoy a bit of quiet away from the city, I can always go to Lasema Spa, a Korean jjimjilbang in Makati behind The Columns (if not the only one in the country.) There is a golf course, gym, taekwondo school (possibly all Korean-owned) and restaurants in the area outside the spa. 

Inside the spa, you can visit the wet area which include a steamroom and jacuzzis, dry saunas, ice room, massage room and common areas. Being connected to the locker room, the wet area is the only place where men and women are separated from each other and hence, fully nude. All other areas can be enjoyed by men and women or families together.

Some facilities (especially those in the men’s wet area) could use some renovation. But all in all, this place still does deliver when it comes to relaxation (and meeting new people, if you’re that friendly). TIP: If you’re planning to go, watch out for their discounted deals on the local group buying websites.

The way to the massage rooms. There are on the other end (hidden from view) has a flat-screen TV and some Korean books and comics.


Dry sauna


Dry sauna


Dry sauna


The ice room for when you decide to finally tighten your pores

The sleeping pods
A peek into the sleeping pod, which looks to be made from adobe. Could use some refurbishing


View from inside

The locker rooms. No nudity as of the moment. The wet area can be found at the left (hidden from view)
The uniform to be worn at the common areas


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