Just a Feel-Good Travel Movie: Review of Lucy

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An upcoming, seemingly-similar movie called Under The Skin also featuring ScarJo was shown during the trailers, which mislead the audience into thinking it was the start of the movie. Reminds me of that scene from Family Guy.
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I was psyched to watch this movie ever since I saw the trailer. The idea of maximizing the brain’s usage isn’t really new, but the trailer which heavily featured one of my favorite cities is what made me note down to watch it. Plus, ScarJo is super hot. 😀 But eventually I went from losing it (to laughter) to completely being lost in the end.

Essentially, Lucy is about a 20-something girl who’s been traveling in Asia (Taipei specifically), gets involved with the wrong guy and subsequently, the Korean mafia. She exacts revenge on those who have hurt her and is hunted down all the way to Paris. But having high expectations from this movie led me to overthink it too much, and found these (almost laughable) points which didn’t quite make sense:

1. When the drug was entering her bloodstream, she had seizures across the room, all the way up to the ceiling. I couldn’t help but laugh at this scene. Morgan Freeman never said that having increased brain use would let you alter the laws of physics. Obviously, the scene was shot in an upside-down room because gravity wasn’t affecting her hair while she was shaking on the ceiling.

2. So she’s allegedly becoming omniscient and omnipotent, but needed a driver to take her to the hospital, and a surgeon to take out the drugs in her body? I find that inconsistent.

3. Am I the only one who thinks it’s totally awkward and inappropriate to talk about the taste of your mom’s breastmilk with her? This was the point where I completely lost it. I probably burst out laughing then, who knows.

4. Am I also the only one who thinks it’s weird that she killed all the bodyguards but only stabbed the mafia boss in the hands? Wouldn’t it have been more efficient to kill him to avoid the chance of him retaliating all the way to Paris? How did the logic escape her genius?

5. You’re not allowed to wear shades and talk on your mobile phone when lining up at immigration. I was honestly expecting the immigration officer to call her attention!

6. Second, there was no point in the FA banging on the airplane washroom door because they can be opened from outside! Figure it out (or google how) 🙂

7. The last scene, including the one where Lucy was spewing what looked like light / energy / computer data out of her orifices. Like I said, I had high expectations – so I couldn’t fathom why the only way Lucy, now an absolute paragon of omniscience, could pass on all this knowledge was through a thumb drive. A THUMB DRIVE.

I really appreciated the points raised by the film involving mortality, its opposite, and how passing down knowledge to the next generation was life’s purpose; that is IF the beings found the environment to be sufficient or conducive for the next generation. I suppose this explains why some people voluntarily and intentionally choose not to have children; somehow deep in their subconscious they can predict that the world isn’t a good place for their offspring to live through. In addition, people do not have to subscribe to the conventional idea of the never-ending cycle of getting married and having kids. Some people choose to live alternatively, and that’s okay. 🙂

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