I Gotta Have it: Mini Luggage at Bugis, Singapore


I was walking around Bugis Street the other day after some lunch at Albert Centre Hawker Place when I chanced upon such an adorable item: a small, realistic luggage.

It was being sold as a coin bank, so naturally I looked for the slot where you can drop your coins. It’s found on the upper end of luggage where you lower the handle. But other than that, it seems to be able to function as a real piece of luggage! It has four wheels which you could slide on the floor, (possibly) retractable handles and a plastic case that can be opened and closed with a zipper. At S$15, it’s a bit pricey for something probably made in China, but I’m pretty sure that’s still negotiable. 

When I do get to buy it, I want to bring it to the airport on my next trip JUST BECA– USE. Think of the other possibilities! 

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