How to Conquer the Inflatable Island in Subic, Zambales (and Where to Eat After)

There are a dozen blog posts about all the details of Inflatable Island (how to get there, how much it costs, are there lockers-yes, are the food and drinks overpriced-hell yes so bring baon), so you will no longer read them here. If you plan to go there ONLY to take photos at the colorful bean bag beach, bounce around and crawl your way through the obstacle course, then this blog post probably isn’t for you either.

But if you’re a competitive spirit who made a vow to push yourself to the limits, navigate the ENTIRE course and conquer each challenge, then this is totally for you!

Inflatable Island! Is this not one of the most epic jump shots you’ve seen in a while?


Their Instagram-worthy, Bali-inspired beach

(More photos below)


Each time I felt hesitant to walk along the slippery floor, I just delude myself to thinking that: “I’ve modeled on slipperier runways before. I can do this!”


Here are the skills I think you need to know:

1) The basic skill to perfect is walking. Since you’ve been doing this since you were 2 years old, you probably think you got this. But remember that over here, the “ground” is wet, slippery and moving (and the waves can get strong). This is where wearing rash guards and aqua shoes can come in really handy, to increase friction and your balance/stability. The sun can get in your eyes, and there dozens of people behind you and round you. You’ll feel embarrassed to fall. The water isn’t clean TBH, but it’s safe since you’re wearing a life vests and lifeguards are on the lookout.

But when you do fall, laughter erupts from everyone, including yourself.

Each time I felt hesitant to walk along the slippery floor, I just delude myself to thinking that: “I’ve modeled on slipperier (yes that’s a word) runways before. I can do this!”

When all else fails, you can always be cautious and just crawl instead of walking. There’s no shame in that if everyone else is doing it.

2) The next skill to master is climbing. Again, it would be a lot easier if everything wasn’t wet, slippery and shaking. You really need to grab on for dear life to the inflatable handle or pillar with your hands or sometimes two or all four of your limbs to move forward, or having a gulp of seawater.

3) Finally, the last skill needed is jumping (intentionally)! You can do so from just about anywhere on the island (although that would technically be considered falling); on the big pyramid (which requires strenuous climbing); or the swing (which there’s usually a long queue for.)

While most of my equally-exhausted companions aren’t willing to go back, I personally would love to be there again despite the long drive. Being here reminded me of one of the most basic principles we should have in our lives:
– You WILL feel afraid to jump. But it’s completely fine to try but slip and fall, as long as you get back up and try again…
– Because we are stronger than we think we are. 🙂


Naturally, we were all ravenous after being subjected to such an extreme workout. We came across this pretty authentic American-owned, cowboy-themed steak house in the area that served really affordable steaks with huge portions compared to Manila staples such as Outback, Chili’s and Friday’s. The place is called Texas Joe’s and it’s definitely worth a visit for the food and theme!

Matchy matchy: I am my bag and my bag is me

Below are photos of Texas Joe’s, the wonderful steak restaurant we tried. Just how authentic is this place? Well, one of their private rooms had a small Trump convention and by that I mean it had over a dozen old, white, male diners. Also, the owner of this restaurant was an intense Asian American man.

Ribs and shrimp! Heaven.
Good old-fashioned vanilla milkshake
Texas Joe’s, Subic!

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