Flight Review: Korean Airlines Seoul to Manila KE623 May 2015 (Part 2)

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I have to say, this was my favorite segment of my four flights in this trip. I loved the chicken and potatoes since it was relatively tender and flavorful compared to your typical airline food. This is even though I mistook the soy bean/bean curd for dessert where I was completely taken aback when the “syrup” was incredibly salty – at which point I realized this was an appetizer. I cannot describe the shock I experienced in tasting it when I was really looking forward to dessert.
Disappointed because I thought there was no dessert, I just decided to enjoy the in flight entertainment. I took out the no-brand earphones to use.
The IFE had some good choices and I chose to watch a recent Disney flick, Cinderella.
After meals, the cabin crew served some beverages once again. Also in this photo is the pack of welcome peanuts they were giving away during boarding. 
The cabin crew hard at work in dispensing beverages, all while maintaining their perfectly coiffed hairstyles – and not a hair out of place. Now that’s impressive.
So just when I almost forgot my disappointment at not having dessert, the crew came back out bearing gifts: cheesecake ice cream! I don’t believe I have ever had ice cream served on a plane so this was truly delightful. This Korean brand in particular was delicious!
After ice cream, some tea to wash it all off.
Just prior to landing, I made a quick trip to the bathroom and was impressed at the amenities they had inside.
It was time to land in Manila and I chose my arrival song. 🙂
I just love it when the airlines turn down the lights inside the cabin – it’s one of the most relaxing feelings for me. That is, just before they turn it back on when the captain says it’s about to land.
The night after…
In wearing a light khaki hemp jacket and a sky blue dress shirt (both from H&M), I realized I unintentionally dressed up using the colors of Korean Airlines at my high school reunion. What are the chances?
With some of my closest friends from high school

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