Flight Review: Korean Airlines from Tokyo Narita to Seoul Incheon KE704 May 2015 (Part 1)

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As part of the preparations, the cabin crew made sure to check that the correct number of passengers are on board. This particular flight had some trainee pilots helping out, I believe. This could reassure some nervous flyers who would know there are extra hands on deck.
KE’s in flight entertainment – available in four languages.
The interior of the huge aircraft.
Korean Airlines-branded earphones. I made sure to keep (a few of) them as a memento!
I had a slight issue with their in flight safety announcement, which seemed really, really outdated.
The newspaper I took from the Korean Airlines lounge underneath the controller typically found in most aircraft.
Lunch included a light salad with some good quality ham and a beef with potatoes rice dish. It was better than I expected.
I spent the rest of my time on this two hour flight trying to finish Jupiter Ascending.

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