Flight Review: Korean Airlines from Manila to Seoul KE622 May 2015 (Part 3)

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The first memorable moment of the day: a baby who just happened to be seating three seats away from me (like they always do) was crying furiously and a flight attendant from Business Class came up to her with a toy and just soothed her into silence! It was amazing!
For lunch, they served your typical bread roll, and some really tangy (almost rancid) salad which I did not appreciate at all. The main dish seemed to be some kind of Filipino chicken in tomato sauce dish (afritada or mechado.) I believe the photo can speak for itself. 
What was kind of annoying was that clean up took longer than usual and having sat in the front row where the TV monitor was in the seat and not in front like it usually is, I could not enjoy the in-flight entertainment until the mess was cleaned up. Same for my seatmate.
Then came dessert. For some reason, the airline caterer seemed to think that everyone would enjoy Filipino ube (purple yam) -flavored ice cream. The FA was not prepared when I asked for a different flavor, and thought I asked what flavor it was, and eventually came back to tell me there was only one. My seatmate to the left loved it, the one on right hated it, and I didn’t bother having any of it. Such a disappointment. There should always be options. Chicken or beef, am I right?
…So to compensate, I just asked for more soda which – to my surprise – the FA gave me the entire can! Every frequent flyer knows this rarely happens, but I guess she wanted to make it up to me since I didn’t get to have dessert.

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