First Movie Review: Maleficent

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My wickedness makes you remember I stole Brad from Jennifer
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Where the Creators of Maleficent fell short
by Kevin T
I KNEW THERE WAS NO WAY anyone could literally curse an infant to death for not being invited to some kiddy party. There had to be another side to the story. As it turns out, there was. After being betrayed by someone you loved and trusted (not to mentioned being robbed of your prized possessions and identity), who wouldn’t turn from a pure-hearted fairy to a (fabulous) vindictive witch who’s probably now into S&M? (What with all that leather). While this plot definitely gave a fresh outlook on the animated classic Sleeping Beauty, read on to find out where the movie could have used a little tweaking.
1. They could have dwelled more on her origins. The movie’s title isMaleficent after all. So she just happens to be a human-like fairy with horns who’s unlike any of the other pixies and goblin-like fairy folk? Perhaps a human, demon and fairy had a three way and conceived her?

2. There should have been an extended scenewhere Maleficent laments when she couldn’t revoke the curse. It lacked emphasis so much that she may as well have said “Oh well, I tried. Kthxbye” at the end.

3. Aurora woke up just like that? From the moment Maleficent said there was no such thing as “true love’s kiss,” I had already figured out what the plot twist at the end was. Aurora waking up was a crucial turning point in the story, but there weren’t even any visual effects to show the irreversible curse was indeed, now broken?
Where’s the magic?
4. Casting Angelina Jolie. Despite her good acting, Angelina was simply too iconic of a face and person to play another iconic role. I had a difficult time dissociating the celebrity from the character. I kept seeing the wife (-to-be?) of Brad Pitt and mother of Pax, Zahara and Maddox. See? I never intentionally tried remembering her kids’ names but I did.
COULD NOT UNREMEMBER WHILE WATCHING. Philippine actor-turned-crossdresser/makeup goddess Paolo Ballesteros channels his inner Angelina. (Photo taken from

But all-in-all, Maleficent was magnificent. As with any Disney movie, it is enchanting, endearing, and will bring you to tears – this time proving that there are two sides to every story and that we shouldn’t make decisions when we’re angry. One-and-a-half thumbs up!




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