Big Sky Nation Philippines: Your Reliable Pocket Wifi Provider (Review)

These days, being connected online even when traveling is simply a must, be it for work or social media. With local telco companies Globe and Smart offering mobile data at daily but still expensive rates, the best alternative would be renting a pocket wifi which can be shared up to 6 devices – but don’t just get it from any pocket wifi provider.


The last time I flew to Europe, I had a terrible experience with another popular local wifi provider. There was an mix up and we received a device that was intended for Japan while another group received ours. The provider claimed that it was their courier’s mistake, but that didn’t matter. The point was, our group was left without pocket wifi access and we were left no choice but to individually purchase mobile data from Globe/Smart for almost every day of our trip, which was a huge unexpected cost. Initially, the only thing they wanted to do to compensate was to refund the amount paid and deposit, which infuriated me even more. This kind of mistake from a provider is simply unacceptable for travelers. Talk about a major hassle!


Naturally, I have sworn off ever doing business with that provider and I became open to other providers which I assume would be a lot better. I’m thankful that I learned about Big Sky Nation, who offered their complimentary service so that I can try them out. Since I was about to fly first class for the first time (for free), I urgently needed a pocket wifi to document the entire experience!



Big Sky Nation (Skyroam)’s pocket wifi was very user friendly. All you needed to do is a press one button to turn it on, activate it or turn it off. Connecting my devices to it was quick too. I used it while I was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the speed was quite stable and reliable. Another difference I noticed was that Big Sky Nation delivers your device fully charged, while others deliver the device with a note that says you need to charge it (meaning, they haven’t). Since the devices take a long while to charge, that’s a subtle but effective way to showcase better service in my opinion. I documented my experience being picked up in Etihad’s chauffeur service and traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as well as the Etihad A380 First Class cabin prior to take off, both on Facebook Live.


Overall, I am very satisfied with Big Sky Nation’s services and I would not think twice to get them again when I need connectivity on my next trip. I recommend that like me, you #TravelWithBigSky too!

Visit their website and inquire at:



More photos of Big Sky Nation’s device below and a 2018 review of Etihad’s First Class cabin to come very soon!

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  1. Jun Arenal

    Do not subscribe, rent or even buy. I do not recommend. After paying in full for unlimited use, halfway through the rented weeks, the service stopped. They would not fix. Worse, they would not even refund those days that you were not able to utilize the unit. Unbelievable!

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