Authentic Laksa in Tokyo Harajuku!

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Seriously one of the best food photos I’ve taken in a while. Thank you natural light!

Happy 2016! Another year, another new restaurant to discover.

Just a few days into 2016, I was walking along Harajuku when I discovered yet another line forming for what I assumed was a new store. I have learned by now that Japanese people will line up for anything! I thought the line was for Garrett’s popcorn, which has subsided by now, but it was in fact for a newly-opened store selling Japan idol merchandise which explains why most of those in line were screeching teenage girls and women.

This was when I noticed that across it was cute-looking shop which turns out to be a restaurant called Singapore Holic Laksa (pretty self explanatory.) If you don’t know what laksa is, then it’s time you knew. It was mid-afternoon and there were a few customers inside. I was debating whether I would try it then and there or come back another time since it’s relatively close after all, but despite having no greeter outside, their retail marketing was tremendously effective. How so? In addition to the flyers and menu displayed, they left a thermos pitcher and some plastic cups for people to try it for themselves! 

Very cozy interiors that’s perfect for the winter weather!

As someone who has visited Singapore (and Malaysia) a couple of times, consecutively every year for the past four years in fact for Singapore, I knew laksa, so my expectations were pretty high. I proceeded to try the broth for myself and I was immediately reeled in! It tasted exactly how it would have if I had it in Singapore! 

I ordered the small bowl for 540yen, which I believe was reasonable by Tokyo standards for relatively exotic food. I also got to customize if I wanted the noodles cut or long, and how spicy I wanted the broth to be. I could have even added toppings such as hard-boiled egg, tomato, cheese and fresh cream for 100yen each or healthy coconut oil for 50yen each. Preparation took about five minutes and I was thoroughly impressed with the taste. Something warm and (mildly) spicy was perfect for the freezing weather. When I was about to leave, naturally I was greeted by the owner of the establishment who asked if I was from Singapore. I explained that I wasn’t but I’ve been there, and more importantly I thought their laksa was delicious!

Their store – you can’t miss it!

She was very thankful for that of course. When I go back next time with a bigger appetite, I’ll probably have either a bigger bowl for 756yen (has twice as much noodles than the small so more value for your money) or their “Holic Set,” for 972yen, which includes a serving of chicken rice and a drink. I’m look forward to that!

(Alcoholic drinks also available for 540yen.)
Singapore Holic Laksa
Open from 11:00 to 21:00 everyday. Take out available.
More details and map on their website.

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