Art: Angkor Wat Sunset

I just got back from one of my dream itineraries: Taiwan-Japan. Specifically, my itinerary turned out to be Manila-Taipei-Osaka-Kyoto-Nagoya-Manila. I had a lot of fun speaking with the locals and touring my friend’s family. I really think this trip reinforced my Mandarin and Japanese. 
There’s a first time for everything. This time it was being berated by an old Japanese man (apparently a self-appointed guardian of the birds) in Nagoya for scaring the pigeons away, in order to achieve the shot I wanted. LOL. To be fair, he already ran out of bird feed. I will upload posts of this trip once the lazy and busy wear off.
The artwork above caught my eye during my first trip to Siem Reap last year. So much so that I had begged the first vendor I bought a painting from to refund my money so I could buy this one. Haha! This painting had me at a loss for words until my friend who I shared a room with in Bangkok remarked that it was “dramatic” – the perfect term to describe it. Indeed, it still is.

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