SATS Changi Airport Lounge Singapore Review: Worthy of the World’s Best Airport

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SWANKY. Await your boarding announcement in style at Changi Airport’s SATS Lounge.
There are a few inevitable certainties in life: death, taxes and having to wait for your (usually delayed) flight. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait at cramped boarding gates with limited seats (namely Manila Airport, before recent renovations). Even if you’re not flying first or business class, you can enjoy the perks of airport lounge access not necessarily by having a billion miles on your airline membership card, but simply by having the right credit cards. Once you have that covered, I guarantee that traveling will be significantly much more enjoyable.
Speaking of significantly much more enjoyable, having flights from/through the World’s Best Airport countless years in a row Changi Airport in Singapore can make travel exactly that. Compared to a couple of airport lounges in other Asian cities, the ones in Singapore certainly top the list. 
Let’s take a look at two of them:
SATS Premier Lounge
Found in each of Changi’s three terminals, the SATS Lounge could very well be the world’s best. With gourmet food and beverages, stylish interiors, invigorating massage chairs, private shower facilities and a wide array of reading material, you might just consider missing your flight and staying here indefinitely. 
Or at most for three whole hours, as restricted by your credit card, although I don’t believe the staff monitor how long each guest has been staying. Just remember to pick the lounge closest to your boarding gate.
The entrance


From Left: Biryani Rice, Indian Chicken Curry, Creamy Mashed Potatoes (My personal favorite! MUST TRY.), chicken in cream (?), Asian noodles


Elegant buffet setting


Breads, juices, pastries, salads, and cakes


Ironically enough, in my two visits to the lounge in a span of 6 months, I chanced upon the exact same menu – down to the fruit shortcake with a dried apricot on top. But I’m not complaining.

Extensive selection of newspapers and magazines



If you have a need to distinguish yourself from the rest of the economy fliers, this section’s for you.
Other than the enclosed space, there’s no difference at all.


The lounge’s private bathrooms…


…come with their own shower facilities. Thankfully, since your economy class flight doesn’t have one.


Rainforest Lounge by SATS


For when you want to have a feel of the Asian tropics
The reception area
Also a buffet setting, although the food is not as impressive as the ones in the previous lounge


Comfortable chairs and computers free for all to use


Your private massage quarters



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